What We’re Looking For:

Our primary goal is to provide quick yet powerful tips, ideas and analysis that will empower business owners to be more successful in marketing.

If you can write content to fulfill that purpose, you’re golden.

(Pro-tip: We don’t mind one or two mentions of your company or service, but any name dropping should be on the back burner. 10 times out of 10, we’re going to choose information that’s relevant to our audience over obvious sales pitches. And don’t worry. You’ll still get a great big byline next to any story you’ve written.)


Entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers of SMBs.

Content Types:

We accept primarily blog posts (300 to 600 words) and other written content helpful to our audience. If you have something a little different, we’ll take a look and let you know if we’re interested.

Unique to Market.Eat.Sleep.:

Content submitted to M.E.S. should be unique. If content is found to be duplicate, it will be taken down. We do, however, accept repurposed content.

How to Contact:

Submissions should be sent to Katherine Sirimarco at katherine@accessmarketingcompany.com for review. Content authors will be contacted with a publishing schedule if a submission is accepted. Contribution ideas can also be sent below through the embedded form.